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Yavatmal District is located in the Western Vidharbha region. It is surrounded northeast by Wardha District, to the east by Chandrapur District, to the north of Andhara Pradesh State and Nanded District, and to the west by Washim District. Yavatmal district comprises sixteen tehsils namely Arni, Umarkhed, Kalamb, Pandharkawada (Kelapur), Ghatanji, Zari-Jamni, Darwha, Digras, Ner, Pusad, Babhulgaon, Mahagaon, Maregaon, Yavatmal, Ralegaon and Wani. Yavatmal remained part of Madhya Pradesh until the 1956. At the time of reorganization of states it was transferred to the State of Mumbai (Bombay). With the creation of the Maharashtra State on 1 May 1960, Yavatmal district, became a part of it. Prior to 01-04-1959, the Yavatmal Judicial District was attached to the District Court, Amravati. However, from 01-04-1959 Yavatmal District Court is formed and the work of District Court Yavatmal is started independently from 01-04-1959. Shri P.H. Parikh was the first District & Sessions Judge of Yavatmal Judicial District. In the Yavatmal Judicial District, there are four Sessions Divisions i.e. Yavatmal, Pusad, Darwha and Pandharkawada (Kelapur). The Pusad Sessions Court established from 26-02-1990, Darwha Sessions Court established from 17-01-2004 and Pandharkawada Sessions Court established from 03-08-2002. New Court building of District & Sessions Court Yavatmal is two storied (G+2). East division of the said building inaugurated by Hon'ble Justice Shri Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari, High Court, Bombay on 08-11-1987 and middle division inaugurated by Hon'ble Justice Shri Vallabhdas Mohata, High Court, Bombay on 16-09-1990. The extension of Court building at District Court, Yavatmal inaugurated by Hon'ble Judge, Shri V.S. Sirpurkar, Supreme Court of India and Hon'ble Chief Justice, Shri Swatanter Kumar, High Court, Bombay on 26-12-2008. District Court building is located in the area known Civil Line. The collectorate, Yavatmal, the treasure office, Yavatmal, State Bank of India, Yavatmal, Post Office, Yavatmal and Telephone Exchange Office, Yavatmal are also in the nearby locality in Civil Lines, Yavatmal.

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