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The legal history of Washim touches the british regime as the court at Washim was established in the begining by Britishers and the lawyers were practing as per the Government orders and the provision of lawyers emerged since long. The Principal District and Sessions Court is newly created and establishment is inagurated on 3rd March 2013 as per the notification of Law and Judiciary Department Mantralaya, Mumbai Dt. 27.02.2013 that the Washim Judicial District is seperated w.e.f. 3rd March 2013 from Akola Judicial District. Now the following courts are presently functioning in this Washim District Court station. 1) Principal District and Sessions Judge, Washim 2) DJ-1, Washim 3) DJ-2, Washim 4) DJ-3, Washim 5) ADJ-1& ASJ, Washim 6) Chief Judicial Magistrate, Washim 7) Civil Judge (S.D.) Washim 8) Joint CJSD, Washim 9) 2nd Joint CJSD, Washim 10) Joint CJJD, Washim 11) 2nd Joint CJJD, Washim 12) 3rd Joint CJJD, Washim 13) CJSD and ADJ Link Court at Mangrulpir There are following total Five Taluka Courts are presently working in this Washim Judicial District :- 1) Risod 2) Mangrulpir 3) Manora 4) Malegaon 5) Karanja There are following Police Station are functioning in Washim Judicial District :- 1) Police Station Officer, Washim Rural/Urban 2) Police Station Officer, Washim/ Ansing 3) Police Station Officer, Karanja/Dhanaj 4) Police Station Officer, Malegaon/Jaulka/Shirpur 5) Police Station Officer, Manora 6) Police Station Officer, Mangrulpir / Asegaon 7) Police Station Officer, Risod In Washim District Court there are Computer Section is provided to this Court and doing the work as per CIS and all types of Judicial Work is doing with the help of computer by the concerned subordinate staffs, as well as the Judicial Officers. All the Judges shall sit in Court during the hours prescribed by Manual for the disposal of judicial business. Administrative work shall ordinarily be done outside court hours, but it on any day the Boards breaks down the judge should continue to work for the rest of the day in the Court premises and utilise the time in writing judgments and attending to administrative matters. The appointments to all posts in the Group-C and Group-D of the subordinate Judicial service in the Civil Courts in each District shall made by the District Judge from the lists of candidates selected by Recruitment Committee formed fro the purpose in each District. The Washim District Courts Bar Association is a registered association of the Advocates practicing at the Washim District Court and maintaining the highly ethical and professional standards of Advocacy and promoting the interests of those who practice or seek to practice as Advocates.

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