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Vadodara District Map

Vadodara District Court Complex

The Judicial District of Vadodara comprising of the Revenue District of Vadodara was formed covering major part of the territory of the erstwhile State of Baroda by the Government of Bombay, Political and Sendees Department vide Notification No.3198/46-P-III dated 31st July 1949 under the provisions of Secs.3 and 4 of the Bombay Civil Courts Act, 1869. Shri B.C.Vakil presided over as the first District & Sessions Judge on the establishment of District & Sessions Court, Vadodara.The District & Sessions Court, Vadodara started functioning in the magnificent historical building commonly known as "Nyay Mandir" built in the year 1896 by His Highness Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. In Vadodara District, Appellate Courts, Courts of Senior Civil Judges, Courts of Small Causes and Courts of Judicial Magistrate First Class are housed in three buildings known as "Nyay Mandir", "Lai Court" and "Fast Track Court".The "Nyay Mandir" was built in the loving memory of Shrimant Maharani Chimanabai, wife of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III, and it was named as "Chimanabai Nyay Mandir". At the passage of time, the said buildingis now known as "Nyay Mandir". The said historical building was built by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III for housing the Courts of Law functioning at the time of Baroda State, and at present also, the same is being used for housing the District & Sessions Court of Vadodara. In this building, some of the Appellate Courts of the district are housed; other appellate courts are functioning in the building known as "Fast Track Court Complex" situated beside Central Jail, Vadodara. Courts of Small Causes and some Courts of Senior Civil Judges are also housed in the "Nyay Mandir".

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