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Perambalur District Profile

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The District has 1 Division, 4 Taluks, 11 Firkas and 152 Revenue Villages




Kunnam, Peramablur, Veppanthattai, Alathur


Perambalur, Kurumbalur, Vengalam, Pasumbalur, Valikandapuram, Varagur, Vadakalur, Keelapuliyur, Chettikulam, Kolakkanatham, Koothur


Local Administration

The District has 1 Municipality, 4 Panchayat Unions, 4 Town Panchayats and 121 Village Panchayats



Panchayat Unions

Kunnam, Peramablur, Veppanthattai, Alathur

Town Panchayats

Arumbavur, Poolambody, Kurumbalur, Lebbaikudikadu


Composite Perambalur District came in to existence after trifurcation of Tiruchirappalli district with effect from 30.09.1995 as per G.O MS.No 913  Revenue / Y3  dated 30.09.1995. In the Government Orders  G.O (Ms)No. 656, Revenue, Dated. 29.12.2000 and   G.O (Ms)No. 657, Revenue, Dated.  29.12.2000 , the  Government ordered Perambalur District to be bifurcated into two Districts , Perambalur District with headquarters at Perambalur and  Ariyalur District with headquarters at Ariyalur. The District first came into existence on 01-01-1995.

Subsequently, in the Government orders G.O (Ms)No. 167, Revenue, Dated. 19.4.2002, and    G.O (Ms)No. 168, Revenue, Dated. 19.4.2002 , the Government   ordered that the above two districts  be  merged into one as Perambalur District with headquarters at Perambalur. Later, vide the Government Order G.O (Ms) NO.  683    Dated. 19.11.2007,   Government   again passed  orders that Perambalur District be reorganised and bifurcated into two districts Perambalur and Ariyalur.

Perambalur District is centrally located in TamilNadu and is 267 K.M away, in southern direction, from Chennai. The District has an area of 1,757 Sq.Km. spread between 10.54’ and 11.30’ degree Northern latitude and 78.40’ and 79.30’ degree of the Eastern longitude.

It is an inland district without coastal line. The District has Vellar River in the North and it has well marked natural divisions. The PACHAMALAI hill situated on the North boundary of Perambalur is the most important hill in the district.

As per 2010 Census, the total Population of  Perambalur District is 5,65,223. The density of population in the district is 321 per Sq.Km


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