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The Judgeship of Supaul was created on 22-11-2014. Prior to that it was an unit of Saharsa Judgeship from 18-11-1968 to 21-11-2014. Hon'ble Chief Justice of Hon'ble High Court, patna had inaugurated the Judgeship of Supaul.


At the time of creation of Judgeship there were twosub-division under it viz- Supaul, Birpur. However it's headquarter to be at Supaul itself due to nonavailability of jail at Birpur, Headquarter of Birpur Subdivision Shifted at Birpur (under Saharsa Judgeship)w.e.f. March, 1999.


Sri Sanjay Kumar is the 1st District & Sessions Judge and Sri Balram Singh is the 1st Principal Judge (Family Court) of Supaul Judgeship.


Before Creation Of Judgeship Civil Justice was in the hand of District Judge at Sadar. At lowest level it was in the hand of Munsif, Saharsa. The important and surprising factor was that at that time there was no court of Subordinate Judge at Sadar. Rather it was at one of its Sub-division Madhepura having its jurisdiction all over the judgeship.Court of Sub-judge was opened at Saharsa Supaul in 1974. With the passage of time Madhepura became a seprate judgeship in December, 1986 by delineating the part of this Judgeship leaving only three judicial Sub-division viz. Saharsa, Supaul and Birpur in this Judgeship.At present Civil Justice is being exercised at Sadar by District Judge, Adll. District Judge, Subordinate Judge and Munsif. At Supaul is being exercised by Addl. District Judge,Subordinate Judge and Munsif and at Birpur by Munsifs. The District Sessions Judge holds camp courts periodically at Supaul and Birpur.

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