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Case Information System Information Brochure

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1. Case Management through CIS 2.0 Download An Ubuntu cum CIS 2.0 Master trainer trained by the eCommittee has written a guide for CIS software. The book has been prepared in easy language. It is for basic level users and first time users. It will be useful for the Judicial Officers to understand about the CIS 2.0 and for the Court staff to know about the features available in the CIS 2.0. The e-book was created with links of demo videos released by the eCommittee on CIS 2.0 and NJDG in appropriate places.


2. Management Manual Download NIC, Pune has prepared a Management Manual to provide assistance to the Judicial Management on how to use various tools provided in the CIS 2.0. This manual will be helpful to the Individual Judges / Establishment Heads / High Court Management to monitor the pendency and performance of the courts. This Management Manual will assist to expedite the process of justice delivery. It will also helpful for better to utilize the CIS 2.0 software.

CIS 2.0 CIS 2.0CIS 2.0CIS 2.0

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