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Sabarkantha District Map

Sabarkantha District Court Complex

Sabarkantha District came into existence way back in the year 1976. As unveils from the name itself, it is situated on the bankof Sabarmati river, in Northern part of the Gujarat State adjoining two Statesof India viz. Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The capital of Sabarkantha Districtis Himmatnagar, about 60 kilometers from the State Capital and about 78 kilometers from the State metropolitan Ahmedabad. There is, being precise, a total population of about 24,27,343 as per the latest census and a considerable chunk is formed by tribal community as well as the socially challenged segment of society. Sabarkantha District comprises 13 Talukas. On Judicial front, District and Sessions Court of the newly formed Sabarkantha District started functioning on 10th December1976. Prior to that, Ahmedabad and Sabarkantha Districts were united and on 10th December 1976, as both the Districts got apart, independent courts of Sabarkantha District started functioning in full swing and Honourable Shri C.G.Rathod took over as the first District Judge of the new geological formation,Sabarkantha District.

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