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              Rajnandgaon City was probably non existent when G.E.Road No. 6 was constructed by Bhonsle rulers. Britisher for their use & facility, connected G.E.Road from Nagpur to West Bengal. During that time few businessman from "Kamptee" settled in Rajnandgaon. As per history, state of Rajnandgaon came in to existence in 1830 when one Jamindar named Bairagi Vaishnava Mahant brought capital to Rajnandgaon which was situated near road side.Thus the initial ruler of State was a Bairagi. Since the ruler of this kingdom was the "Krishna Upasaka" the region was named as Nandgaon as Nand denotes father of Lord Krishna. Subsequently Nandgaon was named Rajnandgaon because there was railway station by name Nandgaon in "Great Indian Pennisulae" and since Nandgaon was a ruler ruled state it was name Rajnandgaon.Later on state of Rajnandgaon merged in to Union of Later on state of Rajnandgaon merged in to Union of India on 1st January 1948. Mahant Digvijaydas was the last ruler of the State who died on 22nd January 1958. Till 26th January 1973 Rajnandgaon was under Revenue District Durg. Revenue District Rajnandgaon came in to existence on 26.01.1973. Prior to this Civil District Raipur included both Rajnandgaon & Durg.

                   On 1st April 1948 Civil District Raipur was divided and Civil District named Durg at Rajnandgaon came in to existence. Shri P.V.Lele for the first time presided as District & Sessions Judge at Rajnandgaon in the year 1948. Link Court was held at Durg every month. Increasing number of litigation created for the formation of more Civil District.As a result Government of Madhya Pradesh vide notification date 10th April, 1975 declared Rajnandgaon as Civil District. Accordingly Rajnandgaon as Civil District came into existence from 12th April, 1975 Shri S.Sanyal was the first District & Sessions Judge of newly formed Rajnandgaon Civil District.

           After the formation of Civil District Kabirdham (One of tahsil of District Rajnandgaon) Civil District Rajnandgaon has 4 outlying tahsils name Khairagarh, Dongargarh, Chhuikhadan & Ambagarh Chowki. Prior to creation of District Durg in the year of 1906. Ambagarh Chowki was within teritorial Jurisdiction of District Chandrapur in Central previnces of C.P. in Barar. After creation of Durg District it came under the teritorial Juridiction of District Durg. It continued to remain so till 1975. In the year 1975 it came within teritorial Jurisdiction of District Rajnandgaon. Link Court of Civil Judge Class I was started in the year of 1992, regular Court of Civil Judge Class I was stablished in the year of 1994. Presently cases arrising out of tahsil Mohla, Manpur, Ambagarh Chowki and cases arrising out of police station Ambagarh Chowki, Mohla, Manpur and Aundhi are being filed in the Court of Civil Judge Class I and Judicial Magistrate First Class Ambagarh Chowki.

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