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What is Mediation? Mediation is a voluntary process in which an impartial and neutral mediator facilitates disputing parties in arriving at a settlement. A mediator does not impose a solution but created a conducive environment in which the parties can resolve all their disputes. Meditation is a tried and tested alternative method of dispute resolution. It has proved to be great success in Delhi, Banglore, Chennai and Allahabad. Litigants participating in the mediation process have unequivocally endorsed it. Mediation is : 1. A structured process where a mediator uses specialized communication and negotiation techniques. 2. A process to facilitate parties in resolving their disputes. 3. A settlement process whereby parties arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement. Mediation versus adversary litigation: There is 1. No loss of time in mediation. 2. No financial investment is required in mediation. 3. Mediation preserves ongoing business or personal relationships. 4. Mediation allows flexibility control and participation of the contesting parties. 5. No appeal or revision lies against a settles mediation.