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Duty Magistrate

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MANUAL-I SECTION 4(1)(b)(ii)

The powers and duties of officers and employees of the District Court, Haridwar,Uttarakhand;

Powers of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Haridwar: C.J.M. exercises the criminal powers over whole the district. He tries the cases, in which provision of punishment is less than 7 years. The Chief Judicial Magistrate inspect the court and office of other Magistrates, functioning in the district and make monthly inspection of jail/lock up. Hon’ble High Court has been empowered to C.J.M. to try the civil cases as Civil Judge (Sr. Div.). So he tries the suits and other civil cases of the valuation of Rs. 100001.00 up to unlimited valuation.


Powers of Judicial Magistrate Haridwar: All Jurisdictions in the criminal work deputed by the Chief Judicial Magistrate. To impose sentence of 3 years in the criminal case with in his jurisdiction. All other criminal cases under his jurisdiction.