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'Hon'ble Dr Justice B SIVA SANKARA RAO, Judge
High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad for the State of Telangana and the State of Andhra Pradesh
Portfolio Judge,
Nalgonda District
    [+] [-]  District Judges
    Sl No Name of the Judge Designation Period
    1. Sri D.Tirumala Rao Prl.District and Sessions Judge,Nalgonda 22.02.2017 to till date
    2. Smt. M.R Sunitha I Addl.District and Sessions Judge,Nalgonda 21.05.2013 to till date
    3. Sri Shaik Razak-uz-zama II Addl. District and Sessions Judge,Suryapet 07.11.2015 to till date
    4. Vacant III Addl. District and Sessions Judge(I FTC),Nalgonda -----
    5. Vacant IV Addl.District and Sessions Judge(II Fast Track Court),Nalgonda -----
    6. Vacant V Addl.District and Sessions Judge(III Fast Track Court),Bhongir; -----
    7. Ms.C.P.Vindheswari Special Judge for trial of casesunder SCs and STs(POA)Act,Nalgonda 25.02.2016 to till date
    8. Smt. Prema Rajeswari Judge,Family Court Judge,Nalgonda 04.03.2016 to till date
    9. Sri. K.Ajita Simha Rao VIII Addl.District and Sessions Judge,Miryalguda 04.03.2016 to till date
      [+] [-]  Senior Civil Judges
      Sl No Name of the Judge Designation Period
      1. Sri K.Kalyan Chakravarthy Senior Civil Judge,Nalgonda 04.11.2016 to till date
      2. Sri Y.Sathyendra Senior Civil Judge,Miryalguda 06.11.2015 to till date
      3. Sri K.Bhavani Prasad Senior Civil Judge,Bhongir 15.10.2015 to till date
      4. Vacant Senior Civil Judge,Huzurnagar -----
      5. Smt.V.Saradha Devi Senior Cilil Judge,Suryapet 08.03.2017 to till date
      6. Smt.I.Sailaja Devi Secretary, DLSA,Nalgonda 29.05.2015 to till date
        [+] [-]  Junior Civil Judges
        Sl No Name of the Judge Designation Period
        1. Smt N.Prashanthi Junior Civil Judge,Nalgonda 10.04.2014 to till date
        2. Smt V.Rajani JMFC, Special mobile Court,Nalgonda 09.04.2014 to till date
        3. Vacant Spl. JMFC, Excise Court,Nalgonda -----
        4. Smt P.Aruna Kumari Junior Civil Judge,Nakrekal 13.04.2014 to till date
        5. Sri P.Satyanaryana Rao Junior Civil Judge,Suryapet 13.10.2016 to till date
        6. Vacant Junior Civil Judge,Kodad -----
        7. Vacant Junior Civil Judge,Huzurnagar -----
        8. Smt. M.Padmaja Prl.Junior Civil Judge,Miryalguda 21.11.2016 to till date
        9. Sri A.Nagaraju Addl.Junior Civil Judge,Miryalguda 01.04.2014 to till date
        10. Smt A.Radhika Junior Civil Judge,Deverakonda 01.04.2014 to till date
        11. Smt B.Aparna Devi Junior Civil Judge,Ramannapet 07.04.2014 to till date
        12. Ms. T.Nagarani Prl.Junior Civil Judge,Bhongir 13-10-2016 to till date
        13. Smt N.Radhika Addl.Judl.Magistrate of First Class,Bhongir 07.05.2010 to till date
        14. Sri A.Radha Krishna Murthy Junior Civil Judge,Nidamanoor 19.11.2016 to till date
        15. Sri G.Udaya Bhaskar Rao Junior Civil Judge,Thungathurty 10.04.2014 to till date
        16. Sri A.Manikanta Junior Civil Judge,Alair 13.10.2016 to till date
        17. Vacant Addl.Junior Civil Judge,Kodad -----
        18. Vacant Addl.Junior Civil Judge,Devarakonda -----


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