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Welcome to District Moga

District Moga is the 17th District drawn on the map of Punjab State on 24th day of November 1995. Before this, Moga was the sub-division of Faridkot District. Moga town the head quarter of the District is situated on Ferozpur-Ludhiana road. Area of Dharamkot block with 150 villages has been emerged in Moga district vides. Pb. Govt. notification No. 2/36/98-R.E. 2(1) 6408 dated 5-11-99. Moga District falls under the jurisdiction of Ferozpur division. Its boundaries touch the boundaries of Jalandhar district in north, Ludhiana district in East, Sangrur in South and Faridkot & Ferozpur in West. It stretches between longitude 75 degree - 15, 75 degree - 25 east and latitude 30 degree - 35 and 31 degree 15 North. It spreads over an area on 2230 km which comes to 4.42 % of the Punjab State. The average annual rainfall of district was 234.5 mm by the year 1999. In Moga District 63.94 percent population is literate, whereas the rate for male & female literacy is 68.40 & 58.96 respectively.


This District has been divided into 3 Tehsils and 2 Sub-Tehsils –

Tehsils - Moga , Bagha Purana , Nihal Singh Wala

Sub-Tehsils - Badhni Kalan , Dharamkot


Judicial Court Complex

As we know the Moga was the sub-division of Faridkot District and same as our all judicial aspects were also lying under Faridkot’s judicials. But to reduce the growing workload and bring about speedy disposal of cases, Session’s division was formally inaugurated in Moga on Saturday April 28, 2012. Nihal Singh Wala and Baghapurana as Sub-Division under Moga Sessions Division. Along with this Gram Nayalalaya Court is also inaugurated at KotIseKhan. which is being held on every saturday.

Sh. Karamjit Singh joined as District and Sessions Judge on April 28, 2012.



Appressed view of Judicial Set-up:

Moga was declared as Sessions Division on April 28, 2012.

Nihal Singh Wala was declared as Moga's sub division on April 3rd, 2012.

Baghapurana was declared as Moga's sub division on May 28, 2015




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