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Duty Magistrate

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Duty Roster for the Month of November, 2017



Sr. No.    Name of Officer                                                           From                  To

1.      Sh. Bikramjit Singh                    CJM, Moga             01-11-17              01-11-17

2.      Sh. Gurbhinder Singh Johal    JMIC, Moga            02-11-17              07-11-17

3.      Sh. Ramesh Kumar                  JMIC,  Moga           08-11-17             13-11-17

4.      Sh. Supinder Singh                   JMIC, Moga            14-11-17              18-11-17

5.      Ms. Shilpa                                JMIC, Moga               19-11-17              23-11-17          

6.      Sh. Gaurav Gupta                   JMIC, Moga               24-11-17              29-11-17

7.      Ms. Deepti Gupta                  ACJM,,Moga               30-11-17              30-11-17





Sr No.              Name of Officer                                                              From              To

1.               Sh. Pankaj Verma                 SDJM, N.S.Wala          01-11-17          30-11-17




Sr No.              Name of Officer                                                              From              To

1.       Sh. Pushpinder Singh            SDJM, Baghapurana          01-11-17          30-11-17



1          If any Duty Magistrate proceeds on leave, he/she has to make mutual adjustment with the

            Colleague and to get no objection from other colleagues before proceeding on leave. 

2.         If any Duty Magistrate is to proceed on leave/station leave, he/she has to seek prior permission from Ld. District & Sessions Judge, Moga before proceeding on leave under 

            Intimation to this office and the Magistrate who has given consent to perform his/her duty or in his absence the next duty Magistrate will perform his duty.

3.         If the Duty Magistrate at Nihal Singh Wala/Baghapurana happens to be on leave/station leave, the Duty work of Nihal Singh Wala/Baghapurana will be performed by Duty Magistrate at Moga headquarter.

  1. If any Duty Magistrate is to proceed on leave/station leave prior intimation be sent to Undersigned
  2. All the Illaqa Magistrates will look after their remand work except they have applied for station leave.


(Bikramjit Singh), PCS                                   Chief Judicial Magistrate,