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A city surrounded by the holy river Ganges, freshness of green forests, wiz of jungle lore and the majesty of Vindhya hills. The city of Goddess Vindhyawasini Devi has its roots well merged with the rich heritage and nature. Think of T emples and Dargahs , arts and handicrafts, jungles and deserts, W ild Life or just the quietness of hills, Mirzapur has it all. The River Ganges, so silent at places and clean as crystal, you fall into meditation naturally and the W ater Falls with roaring flow may pose nature lovers to watch and get thrilled. Feel yourself the richness of ancient cave paintings, stone carved sculptures and royal forests. The Kaimoor range so serene with the W ild Animals watching you as you watch for them. The challenge, the excitement waits for you to come and explore the old and gold city of Mirzapur. Visit Mirzapur with us for EXPERIENCE OF LIFE LIVE. Mirzapur...: is a city in the heart of North India, nearly 650 km between Delhi and Kolkata and also equidistant from Allahabad and Varanasi. Located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Mirzapur has a population of a little over 205,264 (2001 census) and is renowned for its famous carpet and brassware industry. Indian Standard Time is calculated from the clock calculated from the clock tower in Mirzapur.



The District of Mirzapur lies between the paralles of 23.52 & 25.32 North latitude and 82.7 and 83.33 East longitude. It forms a portion of the Vindhyachal Division. On the north and north-east it is bounded by the Varanasi district;on the south bounded by district Sonbhadra.On the south west by the district of Allahabad..

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