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[+] [-]  Administrative Judge
'Hon'ble Sri Justice M.Seetharama Murti garu, Judge
High Court for the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
Administrative Judge,
Mahaboobnagar District
    [+] [-]  District Judges
    Sl No Name of the Judge Designation Date of Joining
    1. Sri G.Venkata Krishnaiah Prl.District and Sessions Judge,Mahaboobnagar 15.07.2016 to till date
    2. Sri Ch.K.Bhupathi I Addl.District and Sessions Judge,Mahaboobnagar 29.05.2015 to till date
    3. Sri A.Srinivasa Kumar Addl. District and Sessions Judge, Wanaparthy 01.03.2016 to till date
    4. FAC:Sri P.Prabhakar, VII Addl.Dist&Sessions Judge II Addl. District and Sessions Judge(FTC),Mahaboobnagar Vacant
    5. FAC:Sri A.Srinivasa Kumar,Addl.Dist&Sessions Judge,Wanaparthy III Addl. District and Sessions Judge(FTC),Gadwal Vacant
    6. FAC:Smt K.Radha Devi, Family Court, Mahabubnagar IV Addl. District and Sesssions Judge(FTC), Nagarkurnool Vacant
    7. Sri P.Prabhaker Spl. Sessions Judge cum-VII Addl.District and Sessions Judge, Mahaboobnagar Since 08.01.2015 till the date
    8. Smt K.Radha Devi Judge, Family Court cum Addl. District and Sessions Court, Mahaboobnagar 30.09.2015 to till date
    9. FAC:Sri Ch.K.Bhupathi, IAddl.Dist&Sessions Judge,Mahabubnagar Spl.Court for Atrocities against Women, Mahaboobnagar Vacant
      [+] [-]   Senior Civil Judges
      Sl No Name of the Judge Designation Date of Joining
      1. Ms R.Sreelatha Prl. Senior Civil Judge, Mahaboobnagar 01.06.2015 to till date
      2. FAC:Ms R.Sreelatha I Addl.Senior Civil Judge(FTC),Mahaboobnagar Vacant
      3. FAC:Ms R.Sreelatha II Addl.Senior Civil Judge(FTC),Mahaboobnagar Vacant
      4. Smt N.Srividya Secretary, DLSA, Mahaboobnagar 09.05.2017 to till date
      5. Sri P.V.S.Surya Narayana Murthy Senior Civil Judge, Gadwal 04.05.2017 to till date
      6. Sri S.Srinivasa Reddy Senior Civil Judge, Nagarkurnool 10.05.2017 to till date
      7. Smt G.Prathibha Devi Senior Civil Judge,Shadnagar 10.05.2017 to till date
      8. Sri M.Yesuratnam Senior Civil Judge,Wanaparthy 10.05.2017 to till date
      9. Smt T.Jaya Laxmi Senior Civil Judge,Narayanpet 10.05.2017 to till date
        [+] [-]  Junior Civil Judges
        Sl No Name of the Judge Designation Date of Joining
        1. Smt Kshama Deshpande Junior Civil Judge,Mahaboobnagar 05.12.2015 to till date
        2. Sri DVR Thejo Karthik JFCM, Spl.Mobile Court, Mahaboobnagar 20.10.2016 to till date
        3. Mrs Deepti JMFC, Excise Court, Mahaboobnagar 13.03.2017 to till date
        4. Sri K.Dasharatha Ramaiah Junior Civil Judge, Achampet 12.02.2016 to till date
        5. Smt A. Radhika Junior Civil Judge, Alampur 11.05.2017 to till date
        6. Ms D.B.Sheetal Junior Civil Judge, Atmakur 10.05.2017 to till date
        7. FAC: Sri M.A.Khaleel, Add.JFCM, Gadwal Prl. Junior Civil Judge, Gadwal 11.05.2017 to till date
        8. Ms Shalini Lingam Junior Civil Judge, Jadcherla 06.04.2017 to till date
        9. Smt Arpitha Maram Reddy Prl. Junior Civil Judge, Kalwakurthy 08.05.2017 to till date
        10. Sri D.Ram Mohan Reddy Junior Civil Judge, Kodangal 13.10.2016 to till date
        11. Sri Jeevan Suraj Singh Junior Civil Judge, Kollapur 13.10.2016 to till date
        12. Ms Shalini Shakeli Junior Civil Judge, Nagarkurnool 13.10.2016 to till date
        13. Sri T.Murali Mohan J.C.J Cum JFCM, Spl. Mobile Court, Nagarkurnool 13.10.2016 to till date
        14. Sri M.Sai Kumar Junior Civil Judge,Narayanpet 09.02.2016 to till date
        15. Smt G.Sunitha Ravindra Reddy Prl.Junior Civil Judge, Shadnagar 11.05.2017 to till date
        16. Smt Indira Junior Civil Judge, Wanaparthy 11.05.2017 to till date
        18. Sri M.A.Khaleel Addl. JFCM, Gadwal 11.05.2017 to till date
        19. Ms B.Bhavani Addl. JFCM, Kalwakurthy 13.10.2016 to till date
        20. Sri P.Shyam Prasad Addl.Junior Civil Judge, Shadnagar 20.10.2016 to till date
        21. Sri M. Kameswar Rao Spl. Judl. Magistrate of II Class, Jadcherla 03.05.2013 to till date
        22. Sri E.J. Robert Spl. Judl. Magistrate of II Class, Shadnagar 03.05.2013 to till date
        23. Smt. B. Sucharitha Spl. Judl. Magistrate of II Class, Achampet 06.02.2014 to till date


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