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       District Court Complex, Kurnool                            District Map, Kurnool

Dates of sitting of Vacation Civil Judge at Kurnool,Nandyal and Adoni (Term II)

Public Service - APJMS - Promotion to the category of 10 Posts of Junior Assistant 04 posts of Typist / 02 posts of Field Assistant - Directing the individuals to attend for interview on 02.06.2018 at 11 a.m - Reg.

Cancellation of Promotion to Sri N.Jayaraju, Junior Assistant, I Addl.Junior Civil Judge Court,Adoni to the post of Senior Assistant - Promotion of Sri T.Nagaraju, Junior Assistant, Spl Court for Trial of Prohibition and Exice Cases,Kurnool as Senior Assistant - Orders - Issued.

CIRCULAR : Sensitisation Programme and Judicial Officers' Conference to be held on 09.06.2018.

Selection and Promotion - Transfer and Posting of Senior Superintendent -Orders-Issued.

Selection and Promotion - Transfer and Posting of Superintendent -Orders-Issued.

Selection and Promotion - Transfer and Posting of Senior Assistant -Orders-Issued.

Proceedings : Availment of Summer Vacation-2018 by the Judicial Magistrate of First Class and Junior Civil Judges in Kurnool District

CIRCULAR : 3rd District Level Workshop to be conducted on 16.06.2018 on the topic "Focus on Civil Procedure Code".

Dates of sitting of Vacation Civil Judge at Kurnool,Nandyal and Adoni (Term I)

Availment of Summer Vacation of 2018 by the Senior Civil Judges in Kurnool District.

Download the Proceedings for Appointment of Vacation Judge Term I and Term II and another for Granting of permission for 14 days to all the Officers working in the cadre of District and Sessions Judges from the Hon'ble High Court Web Site.

Deputation of certain staff members to work in the Vacation Courts

The Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in Special Leave to Appeal CRL.No.6753 OF 2017

The Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in Miscellaneous Applications

The Hon'ble High Court letter in ROC.No.386/SO/2018,dated: 13.04.2018 with regard to automatic lapse of stay of proceedings after six months.

CIRCULAR - Enhancement of Welfare Fund From Rs.50/- to Rs.100/- towards Nyayavadula mariyu vari Gumasthala Samkshema Nidhi.

Circular : 2nd District Level Workshop 2017-2018.

Paper Presentations: 2nd District Level Workshop Paper Presentations 2017-2018.

PUBLIC SERVICES - APJMS/APGSS - INTERNAL TRANSFERS - Information with regard to the staff, who are going to be transferred within the Unit during summer vacation, on their completion of 3 years stay at a particular station/place including the period of deputation - Information in the prescribed proforma - called for - Reg.

CIRCULAR: Communication of Hon'ble High Court Circular ROC.No.165 /SO/2018, Date: 16.02.2018

The Hon'ble High Court letter in ROC.No.107/SO/2018, Dated 01.02.2018 along with copy of Order of Supreme Court of India

Endorsement: The Hon'ble High Court in ROC.No. 115/SO/2018,dated: 02.02.2018 and District Court Dis.No. 789/Estt/2018, dated: 06.02.2018.



ROC.No.3805/SO/2016,Dated: 05.01.2018. CLICK HERE

NOTIFICATION - Civil and Criminal Courts - Kurnool District - Shifiting of V Additional District and Sessions Judge's Court, Nandyal from Nandyal to Allagadda with its paraphernalia according to Government Orders - Follow up action - Notification of Territorial Jurisdiction and Original Jurisdiction - Issued - Reg.

ROC.No. 1746/SO/2016, Dated: 06.11.2016. CLICK HERE

ROC.No.2770/SO/2017,Dated:16.12.2017. CLICK HERE

Order of the Hon'ble High Court (DB) in Criminal Petition No. 16742 of 2016

Circular - Providing fake or false sureties by the Advocates.

Civil Revision Petition No. 3673 of 2017.

Hon'ble High Court Orders in Writ Petition-  Communicated from District Court letter in Dis.No 6394/Estt/2017, Dated: 09.10.2017.

** ** ** CIRCULAR: Execution of Swachhta Action Plan (SAP) for 2017-18 and 2018-19 to be executed and monitored at the level of High Courts and District and Subordinate Courts-Certain infromation called for -Reg.

** ** ** CIRCULAR: Circular in ROC.No.2191/SO/2017, Dated: 17.08.2017 of Hon'ble High Court along with copy of Order in Criminal Petition No. 6493 of 2017 and copy of Judgment of Hon'ble Apex Court in Criminal Appeal No. 1265 of 2017.

** ** ** BENCH BOOK ON ADOPTION Prepared by the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), Ministry of Women and Child Development of India, New Delhi CLICK HERE.

 ** ** ** JUDGMENT : Copy of Judgment in Criminal Appeal No. 511 of 2017.

** ** ** Quarterly Newsletters: Published by Hon'ble Supreme Court of India  "Volume XI, Issue No.3"

 ** ** ** Quarterly Newsletter Published by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India "Volume XI, Issue No.2" .



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