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Administration of Justice, Historical background


           The History of modern Judicial administration in Kasaragod District begins with the advent of the British. Before the commencement of British rule over the South Canara District in which, present Kasaragod District is included, Vijayanagara emperors were the rulers. The religious, social and economical disputes used to be settled by arbitration by village elders headed by one of the pradhans who had jurisdiction over some of the villages in the kingdom. Minor criminal matters used to be decided by village portals who are treated as Village Magistrate . Major criminal offenses like murder, dacoity etc.. were dealt with by the king himself.



Stages of development of administration of justice under British.

                          British got the sovereignty over the South Canara District which includes the present Kasaragod District in 1792 and their Judicial system introduced in the year 1800.The present Kasaragod District was then known as Bekal Taluk. Civil Judicial Administration was entrusted to Bekal Munsiff's Court and the Criminal cases to Bekal Magistrate Court. From 19.07.1878 onwards Bekal Munsiff's court was known as District Munsiff's Court, Kasaragod . For the administration of the Criminal justice there was a 11nd class Magistrate Court and a Bench Court at Kasaragod. The Bench court was formed by leading citizens of Kasaragod taluk. Civil cases having monitory value up to ` 100/- used to be disposed by village Courts manned by village officers commonly known as village patels and governed by village Courts Act. The District and Sessions Court at Mangalore had jurisdiction over the entire South Canara District and over the Laccadive, Minocy and Amindivi islands, presently known as Lakshdweep. High Court of Judicature for Kasaragod was Madras High Court


Present Judicial Set up in Kasaragod District.


                     Soon after independence a Munsiff's Court at Hosdurg was established in February 1949. For the administration of criminal justice Sub Divisional Magistrate Courts were established at Kasaragod and Hosdurg and later they were upgraded as Judicial First Class Magistrate Courts. On formation of Kerala state the present Kasaragod District was part of Kannur District and the District and Sessions Court was at Thalasserry. Subordinate Judge's Court at Kasaragod was established in January, 1957. Consequent to the formation of Kasaragod Revenue District in the year 1984, the District and Sessions Court and Chief Judicial Magistrate Court for Kasaragod was established on 29th March,1986. A Sub Court at Hosdurg was established in June 1987 by shifting of the Additional Sub Court, Kasaragod. In 1991 the powers of MACT is investitured upon the District Judge. The District Court, Kasaragod was functioning in a rented building at Dwaraka Nagar, Kasaragod till 08.04.1999. From April 1999 on wards the District Court, Chief Judicial Magistrate's Court, Sub Court, Kasaragod , Principal and Additional Munsiff's Court, Kasaragod , J.F.C.M-I, Kasaragod are housed at the Court complex, Kasaragod. The Additional District Courts (formerly Fast Track Courts) were also attached to the District Court, Kasaragod.

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