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Jurisdiction of Karnal


Karnal Sessions Division is headed by the District & Sessions Judge. The various Court of Karnal Sessions Division are situated at Karnal, Assandh and Indri. Presently, Karnal Sessions Division has working strength of one District & Sessions Judge, 8 Additional District & Sessions Judges, one Civil Judge (Senior Division) at Karnal, one Chief Judicial Magistrate at Karnal, one Addl.Civil Judge(Sr.Division) each at  Assandh and Indri and 13 courts of Civil Judges (Junior Division) at Karnal and one Court of Civil Judges (Junior Division) at Assandh. All of the Civil Judges also exercise the powers of Judicial Magistrates and Rent Controller. However one Special Court of Judicial Magistrate Ist Class, Karnal, is dealing with the cases under section 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act. The pecuniary jurisdictions of Civil Judges at Karnal Sessions Division and also of the appellate courts is unlimited.