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   Kaithal (District) :- Originally, the lush and lavish richly green area of Kaithal was part of District Karnal which is traversed from north to south by the watershed between the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. In the north of the district, in the Thanesar Tehsil and the Guhla sub-Tehsil of Kaithal, the country to the west of the Bangar is traversed by a series of hill torrents, of which the most important are the Markanda, Umla, Saravati, Chautang and Rakshi. That, Kaithal became a Sub Division in Karnal District in the year 1896 and it became independent district in Haryana on 1st November, 1989. As per Mythology, it is known to be the birth place of God Sri Hanuman Ji, hence its original name was Kapisthal, as the place of Kapi (Hanuman). Thereafter, its short form from Kapisthal to Kaithal. There a famous place in the name of His mother Mata Anjani Devi , known as ‘MAA ANJANI KA TILA’. Kaithal is a famous place of pilgrimage, having religious places contemporary to Mahabharat times. Phalgu Tirth in Kaithal is having almost equal sanctity with Gaya Tirth for the salvation (Pind Daan) of our ancestors. Similarly, the place Kalayat has its original name as Kapilayat, the birth place of Lord Kapil mentioned in Bhagwat Puran. After every six kilometers of Kaithal, there is a place of pilgrimage as mentioned in mythological scriptures. First Lady Muslim Emperor of India Rajiya Begum also resided in Kaithal alongwith her husband Altunia and they were killed by the people on 13 November, 1240 at Kaithal. The historical Tomb of Rajiya Sultan exists in Kaithal. For the first time, when Sub Division of Kaithal was formed in 1896, at that time one Judicial Court was installed, wherein one Honorary Munsif was exercising Judicial power. Honorary Capt. Jahangir Khan was the first honorary Judicial Magistrate of Kaithal Tehsil in 1896. In the year 1964 on separation of Judiciary from Executive, One court of Sub Judge Ist Class -cum- Judicial Magistrate Ist Class was setup. On the formation of Kaithal District on 1.11.1989, Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate and Senior Sub Judge were installed in the district on 14.2.1991. Kaithal Sessions Division was declared by the Hon’ble High Court on 30.3.2005. Shri H.S. Bhangoo, took over the charge as its first District and Sessions Judge on 09.5.2005.There is also one court at Guhla Sub Division.

    Guhla (Sub-Division) :- Guhla is the only Sub Division of Kaithal Sessions Division which is existing prior to the creation of Kaithal Sessions Division i.e. since 1991. Shri Narender Kumar Mittal was the first Sub Divisional Judicial Magistrate of this Sub Division. ABOUT THE CITY Guhla is a city in District Kaithal, situated at a distance of about 35-40 kilometers from District Headquarters, covered in a area of 51,938 hectares, with a population of 1,94,863. It is surrounded by Pehowa (a Sub Division in Kurukshetra Sessions Division, Haryana) and Patiala (Punjab), which are also the closest Tourism places. It has 92 villages, 03 Police Stations (Guhla, Cheeka & Siwan) and 02 Municipalities each at Guhla and Cheeka. The other nearer District Headquarters are Patiala and Sangrur (Punjab) and Kurukshetra (Haryana). It was formed as Tehsil in the year 1968 and thereafter, re-designated as Sub Division in the year 1979. Another city namely Cheeka is also embedded with Guhla. It has 01 Educational College, 01 Grain Market and 01 Community Centre. Besides Hindi as the major speaking language, Punjabi and local languages are also spoken in the area. The inhabitants of the area are almost Agriculturists and Rice and Wheat are major crops. Guhla is represented by three Members of Parliament, namely Shri Naveen Jindal in Lower House and Shri Ishwar Singh and Dr. Ram Parkash in Upper House. Kaithal Bar Association The Kaithal Bar Association was established in 1905-06. The membership of Bar in 1970 was 60 (including 3 pleaders) and the District Bar Association was established on 01.11.1989 after creation of District Kaithal. There is also a Bar Association at Sub Division, Guhla. The name of the eminent Lawyers from the District Bar Association Kaithal are Sarv Shri Dinanath Advocate, Choudhary Baru Ram Advocate and Shri O.P.Tiwari, Advocate.

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