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District Profile Jhajjar


District History

Jhajjar was founded in 1193 A.D. Governor Qubaya ruled over Jhajjar from 1206 to 1210 A.D. It remained under the rule of Maratthas upto 1803, and thereafter East India Company gave this town Nijamat Ali Khan, Nawab of Jhajjar. It remained under the Nawab Riyasat was forfeited and Nawab Abdul Rahman was executed in Chandni Chow, Delhi on 23.12.1857. Thereafter, Jhajjar remained District from 1857 to 1861. In 1861 some areas of Jhajjar were given to Patiala etc. and remaining areas were made Tehsil Jhajjar of District Rohtak. From 1861 to 1954 it remained a Tehsil under Tehsildar and became a sub Division in 1954. It became a District on 15.07.1997.

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