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               Jashpur was a princely State before independence. The history of the region is quite vague. Local here say evidences suggest that there was a Dom dynasty ruling the area by the middle of 18th century. The last Dom ruler Raibhan was defeated and killed by the founder of the present Jashpur State Sujan Rai. It is said that Banswada, a smaller State in old Rajputana Province, was the native place of Sujan Rai’s a castors. They established their rule and Kingdom in Sonpur. Sujan Rai, being the eldest son of the Suryavanshi King, was on a hunting expedition in deep forest, his father (King) died. In view of the tradition and requirement of the occasion his younger brother was coronate, as the Throne of King could not be kept unoccupied, even for a while. On return from hunting expedition, Sujan Rai was offered and requested to take over the charge of the Throne. But he preferred to be a Sangasi and took to the forest. Wandering about he reached Khudia, the capital camp of the Dom kingdom. There he found that the subjects were unhappy and dissatisfied with the Dom Raja Raibhan and were on the verge of revolt. Sujan Rai led the popular uprising, defeated the Dom Raja in a battle. Now, Sujan Rai became the King and a new State ‘Jashpur’ was founded by him. Today’s Jashpur Royal family belongs to that dynasty. In earlier years, the Jashpur king accepted the paramountey of Bhonsle's of Nagpur and continued offering 21 buffalos as a mark of respect and obeyance to the paramount. During Mudhaji Bhonsle’s regime, in 1818, Jashpur State was brought under Sarguja State for the purpose of efficient administration. However, till 1950, Jashpur was included as a princely State among Chhotanagpur States, administered by the Bengal Government. This arrangement continued till 1947-48. Jashpur remained a part of Chhotanagpur commissionery from 1948 to October 10, 1956. On November 1, 1956 when Madhya Pradesh was organized as a new State under union of India, Jashpur became a part of it. Till May 25, 1998 this region remained a part of Raigarh District. Owing to extensive area of several districts in Madhya Pradesh, a district reorganization commission, headed by Justice G.K. Dubey, was constituted by the then Chief Minister Mr. Arjun Singh in 1982. The commission submitted its report in 1989. In 1992, the Chief Minister of M.P. Mr. Sundarlal Patwa declared the constitution of 16 new districts in the State, Jashpur being one of them.

Outlying Courts of District Court Jashpur are :-

1.  ADJ Court Kunkuri

2.  Civil Court Kunkuri

3.  Civil Court Bagicha

4.  Civil Court Pattalgaon

5. Family Court Jashpur

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