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Jaisalmer Judgeship

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The fort & town of JAISALMER was founded by Maharawal Jaisal in the year 1156 AD after having shifted his capital from Ludharva (18 Kms away from Jaisalmer) to a safer place. The ruling family of the erstwhile Jaisalmer State belongs to Bhati Clan of Yadu Rajputs of Chandrawasnshi (Lunar) race who claim descent from Lord Krishna,the defied hero who ruled at Dwarka. The historical origin of Bahttis can be inferred from the couplet which says that the Yadu Rajputs ruled and constructed Forts at Kashi,Mathura, Pragvad, Gajni,Bhatner,Digam,Dirwal,Lodurva and ninth in Jaisalmer. (Gajni is in Afganisthan and Dirawal is now in Pakistan). The present district is largely composed of the former JAISALMER state, which was among the Rajputana States to go under British protection. The treaty between Maharawal Moolraj-II and the British government of 12th December 1818 guaranteed to the ruler and his posterity the principality of Jaisalmer. Under this treaty the ruler of the State was required to act in subordinate cooperation with the British Government. At the time of Afgan War in 1938-39 the then ruler of the state Maharawal Gaj singh made excellent fool-proof arrangements for transportation of British troops for which British Government felt grateful to the ruler for timely help and cooperation. In 1844, after the British annexed Sind, the Forts of Shahgarh and Ghotaru, which are formerly belonged to JAISALMER, were restored to the State. In 1949 when Jaisalmer was merged into the state of Rajasthan, there was no important change in the area of the state. On October 6,1949,the region was given the status of an independent district in Jodhpur division. Sometime in the 12th century, Rawal Jaisal of the Bhati clan was passed up for the throne of Laudrava in favor of his younger half-brother Vijayraj Lanjha. One of the first acts of the newly-appointed heir was to exile Jaisal from his kingdom. Young Jaisal began looking for a suitable place to establish his new capital and came across a huge triangular rock that rose some 250 feet above the desert sands around it. The rock provided a good vantage point to survey the lands below. On the rock was a sage called Eesul who informed Jaisal that Krishna had prophesized the arrival of his descendant who would establish a kingdom at the very spot. Jaisal, who hailed from the Yaduvanshi clan to which Krishna belonged, took this as a sign and stopped looking for newer spots. In 1156, Jaisal built a small mud fort and named it after himself. It was thus that Jaisalmer was born.The kingdoms of Jaisalmer were merged in 1949. Jaisalmer Judgeship Was Come in Existence on Dated 01.07.1991. At present there are following courts . 1. District & Session Court, Jaisalmer 2. Family Court, Jaisalmer 3. Add. District & Session Court, Jaisalmer 4. Add. District & Session Court, Pokran 5. Sr. Civil Judge and Chief Judicial Magistrate Court Jaisalmer 6. Sr. Civil Judge and Add. Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Pokaran 7. Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate Court, Jaisalmer 8. Gram Nayayalaya, Sankra HQ Pokaran


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