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Judges on Leave

S.No. NAME OF JUDICIAL OFFICER On leave from On leave till Nature of leave
1 Sri Alok Kumar Verma District Judge U.S.Nagar 29.04.2018 06.05.2018 Special Casual Leave and Station Leave
2 Sri. Puneet Kumar 2nd Add Civil Judge (J.D.) Rudrapur 20.04.2018 19.05.2018 Earned Leave
3 Sri Chandramani Rai ADJ 2nd Rudrapur 20.04.2018 22.04.2018 Casual and Station Leave
4 Sri Om Kumar ADJ 2nd Kashipur 19.04.2018 19.04.2018 Station Leave
5 Ms. Aishwarya Bora Judicial Magistrate 1st Rudrapur 18.04.2018 20.05.2018 Earned Leave
6 Sri Akhilesh Kumar Pandey 1st Civil Judge JD Kashipur 18.04.2018 23.04.2018 Transfer and Station Leave
7 Smt. Pritu Sharma ADJ 1st Kashipur 18.04.2018 19.04.2018 Joining ;Leave
8 Sri Yogendra Kumar Sagar 2nd CJSD Rudrapur 13.04.2018 29.04.2018 Earned Leave
9 Ms. Minakshi Dubey Judicial Magistrate Kashipur 09.04.2018 17.06.2018 Maternity Leave
10 Sri Bhupendra Singh Dugtal District Judge 25.03.2018 27.03.2018 Casual Leave and Station Leave