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Judges on Leave

S.No. NAME OF JUDICIAL OFFICER On leave from On leave till Nature of leave
1 Ms Pooja Gupta (MUnsiff, Basohli) 03.10.2017 03.11.2017 Earned Leave for one month
2 Mr Munish Kumar Manhas (DJMMT,Kathua) 03.10.2017 09.10.2017 Earned Leave for Seven Days
3 Mr. Sikander Azam (Additional District Judge) Kathua 03.10.2017 05.10.2017 Leave for three days
4 Ms Pooja Gupta 26.09.2017 27.09.2017 Casual Leave for two days
5 Sh Rajeev Kumar Tadyal Munsiff (JMIC) Billawar 23.09.2017 23.09.2017 One day Casual Leave
6 Sh Munish kumar Manhas Munsiff (DJMMT) Kathua 22.09.2017 25.09.2017 Three days Casual Leave
7 Smt. Preet Simran Kour (Munsiff,Kathua) 13.09.2017 11.03.2018 Maternity Leave