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History of Courts

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The City Hisar is situated 167 kilometer towards North-West of Delhi on the National Highway No. 10. Firoz Shah Tughlaq was the founder of Hisar. Sultan Firoz Tughlaq named the city as Hisar-e-Firoza, which means "Fort of Firoz". The word ‘Hisar‘, also spelt as ‘Hissar‘, is a Persian word meaning fort or quilla. For nearly two centuries, the city was called Hisar-e-Firoza, but during the reign of Akbar (1556-1605), it came to be simply known as Hisar.


During the Reign of East India Company, the court at Hisar came into being around 1832. It was then affiliated to Allahabad High Court. Subsequently, it had a District Court which used to deal with three kinds of cases civil, criminal and revenue. For civil and criminal jurisdiction, the Hisar District court was initially in the Ferozpur Sessions Division, and it was only in 1915 when the Hisar Court was upgraded as a Sessions Division, and the court of District & Sessions Judge was duly located at Hisar. Earlier the jurisdiction of Hisar Sessions Division was far and wide spread which included Fatehabad, Sirsa and Bhiwani Districts. But with the passage of time Sessions Division were setup at Bhiwani, Sirsa and Fatehabad. However, it is added here that the court of Senior Sub Judge was established probably in 1910. After the separation of judiciary from the executive on 02.10.1964, the Additional District Magistrates were designated as Chief Judicial Magistrates and Shri R.R.Dhir was the first Chief Judicial Magistrate at Hisar, as per record. From the file of Sessions case titled the Crown Versus Ram Karan etc., u/s 302 read with section 149 IPC, decided on 18.10.1924, it is revealed that Shri H.B.Anderson was Sessions Judge at that time.


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