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History of Courts

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Fatehabad (District):

The district derives its name from its headquarter town Fatehabad. The town was founded by Feroz Shah Tuglaq in 14th century. He named it after his son Fateh Khan as Fatehabad. The Fatehabad District carved out of Hisar District on 15.7.1997 and was created as a separate Sessions Division on 1.6.2005. Shri Laxman Sharma was the first District & Sessions Judge, Fatehabad whereas Sh. B.S. Rawat, was posted as Addl. District & Sessions Judge at Fatehabad at the first time on 14.3.2000.

Tohana (Sub-Division):

When the Fatehabad was declared as independent district on 1.6.2005, there was one Sub Division functioning under Fatehabad Sessions Division i.e. Sub Division Tohana. On 1st October, 1988 Sh. S.P. Sharma was posted as Sub Judge Ist Class-cum-JMIC at Tohana on the inauguration of the Courts at Tohana by the Hon’ble Mr. Justice Veeraswami Ramaswami the then Hon’ble Chief Justice of Punjab and Hayana High Court.

Ratia (Sub-Division):

The Civil Court at Ratia was inaugurated by Hon’ble Mr. Justice D.K.Jain, the then Hon’ble Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh and Sh. Ajay Aggarwal, was the first Judge posted at Ratia on 1.4.2006.

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