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 After merger of the States in the Dominion of India i.e. from 1-4-48 a Civil Judge was posted for disposal of civil cases only and One Sub Divisional Magistrate was posted as Magistrate First class and One Tahsildar and One Naibe Tahsildar were posted as magistrate II and III class. In the year 1969 Judiciary was separated and Civil Judge class-II cum Magistrate first class was posted at Kawardha by the High Court of Madhya Pradesh. At that time Kawardha was a part of District Durg hence appeals were heard by the D.J. and S.J. Court established at Rajnandgaon. After creation of new District Rajnandgaon in the year 1973 Kawardha became tahsil of new district. In the year 1987 Hon’ble High Court of M.P. provided link Court of A.D.J. , A.S.J. at Kawardha. After formation of District Kawardha in the Year 1998 Civil district was not formed simultaneously hence Kawardha was under Rajnandgaon. Civil District, on 02-10-2004 Kawardha Civil District was formed and District and Sessions Judge was posted. Presently District and Sessions Judge, Chief Judicial Magistrate cum Civil Judge class I have been posted at Kawardha. Two Post of Civil Judge class I cum Magistrate First class is Vacant at Kawardha. Court at Pandariya block was estabilshed on 23/09/2008 ,Now it has also started functioning as a regular court, which is presided by Civil Judge Class-II cum Judicial Magistrate First Class, Pandariya.