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City Civil and Sessions Courts located inside Madras High Court Campust, in two blocks - Main and Annexe Buildings. Some of the CIty Civil Courts courts are located at Singaravelar Maligai, George Town, Chennai-1; and District and Session Court for Exclusive Trial of Bomb Blast Cases located at Karayanchavadi, Poonamallee, Chennai.

The jurisdiction of the City Civil Court is fixed under the Madras City Civil Court Act, 1892. The territorial jurisdiction of the City Civil Court extends over the whole of the City of Chennai.  By the Tamil Nadu Civil Courts and the Chennai CIty Courts (Amendment) Act of 2010, the Tamil Nadu Civil Courts Act, 1873 and the Chennai City Civil Court Act, 1892 were amended, revising the pecuniary jurisdiction of the Assistant Judge to an upper limit of Rs.10.00 lakhs and that of Principal Judge of City Civil Court to awards exceeding Rs.10.00 lakhs but not exceeding Rs.25.00 lakhs. The cases where value exceeds Rs.25.00 lakhs, have to be instituted in the Principal Seat of High Court at Madras.The City Civil Court is also functioning as the Sessions Court for the Chennai Sessions Division.

The Court is presided over by the Principal Judge along with 21 Additional/Special Judges in the cadre of District Judges and 18 Judges in the cadre of Civil Judges (Senior Division) alongwith a Registrar who is in-charge of the Administration. Besides that, 4 Ad Hoc Courts for Recording Evidence also functioning presided by Retired District Judges. Of these 6 Additional Judges are specificlly handling cases related CBI and are supported by separete administration.

List of courts and the Judicial Officers presiding the courts are shown below:


  Thiru/Tmt/Selvi Designation
1 N. Authinathan, BA, BL, Principal Judge
2 -Vacant- I Additional Judge
3 S.Vanangamudi II Additional Judge 
4 J.Prabhudoss III Additional Judge 
5 N.Rajasekar IV Additional Judge
6 N.Dhandapani V Additional Judge
7 G.Palaniappan VI Additional Judge
8 S.Sengottaiyan VII Additional Judge
9 S.Malathy VIII Additional Judge (Special Court for CBI Cases)
10 S.Somasekaran IX Additional Judge (Special Court for CBI Cases)
11 A.Kayalvizhi  @ X Additional Judge (Special Court for Prevention of Corruption Act)
12 E.M.K.S.Siddharthar  @ XI Additional Judge (Special Court for CBI Cases)
13 R.Killivalavan XII Additional Judge (Special Court for CBI Cases)
14 K.Paramaraj XIII Additional Judge (Special Court for CBI Cases)
15 M.Sambasivam XIV Additional Judge (Special Court for CBI Cases)
16 M.Gunasekaran  @ XV Additional Judge, (FTC-I)
17 A.Manivel  @ XVI Additional Judge, (FTC-II)
18 S.Senthil Kumaresan  @ XVII Additional Judge, (FTC-III)
19 S.Gomathijeyam  @ XVIII Additional Judge, (FTC-IV)
20 -Vacant-  @ XIX Additional Judge, (FTC-V)
21 G.Ramasamy,B.A.,B.L.,  & District and Sessions Judge (Sessions Court for exclusive trial of Bomb Blast Cases)
22 Meena Satheesh, Sessions Judge (Magalir Neethimandram / Mahila Court) 
23 J.Mavis Deepika Sundaravadana I Assistant Judge 
24 G.Vinoba,M.A.,B.L., II Assistant Judge 
25 A.Manivasakam III Assistant Judge 
26 T.Chandrasekaran,B.L.,  IV Assistant Judge 
27 A.Balkis V Assistant Judge 
28 S.Natarajan, B.Sc., B.L., VI Assistant Judge 
29 K.Lakshmikantham,B.Sc.,B.L., VII Assistant Judge 
30 P.Benjamin Joseph VIII Assistant Judge 
31 G.Kumanan IX Assistant Judge 
32 S.Purushothaman, M.A., B.L., X Assistant Judge 
33 T.Indirani,M.A., M.L., XI Assistant Judge 
34 N.Arunachalam XII Assistant Judge 
35 P. Velmurugan, B.A.,B.L., XIII Assistant Judge 
36 S.Muruganantham, M.A.B.L., XIV Assistant Judge 
37 S.Elangovan, XV Assistant Judge 
38 R.Naraja, B.Com. M.L., XVI Assistant Judge 
39 K.Geetha Rani , M.A.M.L., XVII Assistant Judge 
40 G.T Ambika XVIII Assistant Judge 
41 V.Arumugam.,B.A.,B.L.,  Ad hoc Judge-I (Recording Evidence)
42 S.Kalavathy.,M.A.,B.L., Ad hoc Judge-II (Recording Evidence)
43 N.Ramachandran.,B.A.,B.L. Ad hoc Judge-III (Recording Evidence)
44 R.Ganesan.,,B.L., Ad hoc Judge-IV (Recording Evidence)
 @ Functioning at Singaravelar Maligai, George Town, Chennai-1
 & Functioning at Karayanchavadi, Poonamallee, Chennai





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