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District Chatra, is blessed with Maa Bhadrakali at Itkhori, Maa Mahalaxmi at Charram, Maa Ugratara at Nagar & Maa Kauleshwari at Huntergung. Chatra is the gateway of Jharkhand, particularly of Chhotanagpur has a glorious past having an eminent historical heritage. The land has been the silent spectator of the vicissitudes of the historical unfolding of human drama.

Chatra has its ancient history, it is stated that during Ashoka’s reign it is in the page of history & moved into the medieval period, whereas Chatra has also written the story during the Tughlaqu’s reign & came into the contact with Delhi Sultanate. Kunda one of the Block of today’s Chatra has taken place in the history. Chatra has its full existence in the Modern Period & it is interesting to note that Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the prominent social reformer, worked as a Sub-Registrar at Chatra in 1805-06 and lived both in Chatra and Ramgarh in its Capacity. In the year 1799 a Munsif was appointed for the first time and was stationed at Chatra.

Present Chatra District was the Divisional Administrative headquarters of south Bihar and it continued to be in the glorious position for about fifty four  (54 yrs.) years, but the declining trend in prosperity started; it was reduced to a subdivision and is the silent spectator of the vicissitudes it has seen from the earliest time to the present day. Chatra lost its past glories but something was compensated in the year 1914 when Chatra was made a sub-divisional headquarters of the Hazaribagh district.

Chatra, the gateway of the Jharkhand, particularly of Chhotanagpur lies on a comparatively level tract of land between the upper plateau of Hazaribagh and the tangled mass of rock and ravine from Gaya and the Gang tic valley to the south and west of Chhotanagpur. Head Quarter is 60 KM northwest of Hazaribagh & appx. 75 K.M. southwest of Gaya and 160 KM from Ranchi in the northwest. It is at height of 1400 foot it from the sea level and is connected with the railway at Koderma railway station by road. Chatra as a District established on 29th May 1991, which is in the Northern part of the Jharkhand. The total area of Chatra District is 3706 sq. K.M. while in 2207 sq. K.M area covers forest. The Population of Chatra District is 10,42,304, whereas the ratio of male and female is 1000:951. If we see the literacy rate that is 62.12 percent of total population. At present it is having two Sub-Division Chatra & Simaria,  12 Blocks / Circles, 14 Police Stations, 154 Panchyat & 1474 Villages are there in Chatra District. In earlier days Chatra was famous for the bamboos but now a new Chatra is taking place with development & changes.


In the history of the Judgeship creation, name of Chatra has got written in golden letters on 16th June 2001 as it was inaugurated in the old building as a Judgeship by His Lordship Mr. Justice V. K. Gupta, Chief Justice, Hon’ble High Court of Jharkhand, Ranchi. In the presence of Sri G. K. Verma, who became the 1st District & Sessions Judge, Chatra.

New 22 courts building in fact is the outcome of the grand vision & pious thought of Hon’ble Mr. Justice R. R. Prasad, Judge, High Court of Jharkhand, Ranchi, who took pains and employed his best efforts in creation of this magnificent 22 courts building in its present form & structure. The people of Chatra shall ever remain grateful to Hon’ble Mr. Justice R. R. Prasad, Judge, High Court of Jharkhand, Ranchi, who endeavored to make this classic building with its greenery an in memorable reality which will ever be remembered when the legacy and heritage of this Judgeship will be talked about.

On 18th June 2011, there heralded a new era in the history of the Judgeship of Chatra. It was this auspicious day when the newly built 22 Courts Building was inaugurated by His Lordship Mr. Justice Prakash Tatia, The then Acting Chief Justice, Hon’ble High Court of Jharkhand, Ranchi in benevolent presence of Hon’ble Mr. Justice R. K. Merathia, Judge, Hon’ble Mr. D. K. Sinha, Judge, Hon’ble Mrs. Jaya Roy, Judge, Jharkhand High Court, Ranchi, and Sri P. R. Das, the then Registrar General, Jharkhand High Court, Ranchi. The Almighty too showered his blessings in the form of heavy rain in the draught hit land of Chatra and even the Hon’ble Acting Chief Justice, Jharkhand High Court, Ranchi, could not resist to observe that it is a “Holy” day and God too is pleased of the inauguration of this newly built 22 Courts Building.           

22 Courts Building.
Civil Courts, Chatra
825401, Chatra
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