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E-Courts The E-Courts scheme aims ICT establishments of the lower courts the country in their functioning .The project envisages deployment of hardware, software and networking to assist District and taluka courts in streamlining their day-to-day functioning. Key functions such as case filing allocation, registration,case work flow ,orders and judgments will be IT-enabled.Couselists,Case status orders ,judgments will be available on the web and made accessible to litigants,advocates,and general public. The project aims to build a national grid of key judicial information available 24 X 7 in a reliable and secure manner About Ecourt -project at Buxar District Court There are 2 court complex in Buxar District court. 1)16 court complex 2)10 court complex In each complex there are one server room and 3 judicial service counter. In each court rooms of these complex Thin Client/desktop computer will be provided under E -court project.Other Works related to ecourts project is under Progress. NODEL OFFICER: SRI RAMESH KUMAR SYSTEM OFFICER: SHIVA SIDHARTHA DISTRICT SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR: AMIT KUMAR VERMA
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