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Banaskantha District Map

Banaskantha District Court Complex

This Banaskantha District named after river "Banas" following from the pond Dhebar situated on the hills of Udepur, Rajasthan. The District Head Quarter is Palanpur. Palanpur is known from Prahaldanpur the name of King Prahlladandev. After 14th Centure, till freedom, Palanpur was ruled by Muslim Rulers of Zalor and it's last King Navab Shri Talehmahammadkhan Shremahammadkhan became the ruler in the year 1918. Banaskantha District is considered as a backward area. The agriculture depends upon water and there is no industrial institution in this District. Mr. L.P.Dave, was the first District Judge of Banaskantha District and his service tenure was from 29-09-1948 to 31-05-1950.

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