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JudgeShip Saharanpur

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Hon'ble Chief Justice 

Hon’ble   Mr. Justice Dilip Babasaheb Bhosale

  Administrative Judge

 Hon’ble Hon’ble Mr. Justice Manoj Kumar Gupta 

District Judge


Saharanpur was occupied by the British East India Company in 1803. They also occupied the present Muzaffarnagar and Haridwar Districts. Saharanpur passed firmly into the hands of British invaders in 1804, when they had eli minated Maratha resistance and suppressed the frequent Sikh attackers completely. Saharanpur is well known for wood work.The Saharanpur Judgeship has 30 Courts at Headquarter and 4 Outlying court in Deoband are functioning under the Hon'ble District Judge Mr. M.B.T. Hill was appointed as first District Judge of Saharanpur

Judgeship in 1867 since then till date as many as 78 District Judges have worked in this Judgeship. Presently SMT. Sushila Singh is heading the Judgeship of Saharanpur.At the District Head Quarter Saharanpur, In addition to the Court of the District Judge i.e. the Principal Court of Original Jurisdiction as many as 11 Courts of Additional District Judges are established. There are 3 more Court of Additional District Judge/ Additional Session Judge that is the Court of Ex - Cadre. Besides the above mentioned courts, a Court of J.S.C.C., Chief Judicial Magistrates anther Civil Judge (S.D.), Civil Judge (J.D.) City, Civil Judge (J.D.)Hawali, Civil Judge (S.D.)/F.T.C., Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate-I, Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate-II, Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate-III, Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate-IV, Judicial Magistrate-I, Judicial Magistrate-II, Judicial Magistrate-III, I-Additional Civil Judge(S.D.), II-Additional Civil Judge(S.D.) and I-Additional Civil Judge(J.D.) are established at the Head Quarter & at the Outlying Court of Deoband one Court of Additional District Judge, one Court of Civil Judge(S.D.), one Court of Civil Judge(J.D.) & one Court of Additional Civil Judge(J.D.) is established. As such as many as 28 Courts are established in Saharanpur Judgeshipat Headquarter & 4 Courts at outlying Deoband.      
































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