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Hon'ble Chief Justice 

Dr. Justice Dilip Babasaheb Bhosale

  Administrative Judge

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Harsh Kumar

District & Session Judge

Sri Jai Sheel Pathak


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History of Basti Judgeship


Before coming into existence in the year 1865, the Basti district was under the Collectrate & Judgeship of Gorakhpur. At that time, for the Criminal Trial, Honorary Magistrate was being appointed, one of which a bench six magistrate used to sit at Basti head quarter. The cases of police circle Basti, Kalwari, Rudauli, Sonha, Boodha Bandh and Barakoni were heard by this bench. These magistrate were having power of class II in the presence of the King of Basti and in his absence they were having power of class III. In two other Jamindari Circles there were class III magistrate. The appellate court against the decision of these magistrates was Gorakhpur District but the cases committed to sessions were tried by the Sessions Judge of Jaunpur (under the Jurisdiction of Judge of Gorakhpur). The said Judge used to visit Basti as Sessions Judge Six time during the year. For the Civil Cases the Court Munsif Bansi was established in the year 1887 and the court was Munsif Basti was established in the year 1886 which were under the Gorakhpur Judgeship. During this period, territorial Jurisdiction of Munsif Bansi was tehsil Bansi, Dumariyaganj, Tappa Ghosiyari, Tappa Rudauli which in view of convenience, six south-east tappas of pergana Mahuli Purab were under the Jurisdiction of Munsif Bansgavon at Gorakhpur and other Parts of Basti District were under the Jurisdiction of Munsif Basti. In the year 1902, 56 village Munsif were appointed for the disposal of petty cases. Lateron, beside this 18 honorary Magistrate were appointed out of which a bench of six magistrate used to sit at Basti head quarter. By this bench the criminal cases of Police Circle Basti, Kalwari Sonha, Rudhauli, Boodha-Bandh and Kaptanganj were being heard. Out of these, 4 Magistrate were of class II and two were of class III category. During this period the session cases were decided by the Additional sub-Judges and Assistant sub-judges of Basti an Addition Session Judge Gorakhpur. The Criminal Appeal were heard by the Addition Session Judge, Gorakhpur. During this period, the Civil Cases were heard by the Munsif Basti, Munsif Bansi and sub Judge at Basti head quarter. The appeal against judgment and decree of Munsif was heard by the sub-judge. The appeal against judgment and decree of sub-judge Basti was heard by the additional District Judge Gorakhpur at Gorakhpur. In the year 1945, by carving out of Gorakhpur Judgeship, an independent Basti Judgeship was established and an independent District & Session Judge was appointed in Basti Judgeship after the establishment of Basti Judgeship. In the year 1946 the court of Munsif Khalilabad and year 1976, the court of Munsif Naugarh was established. In the year 1989 a new district Sidharth Nagagr was created and on 30.03.1990 Siddharth Nagar Judgeship was established in which the area of Bansi and Naugarh and Dumariyaganj was merge. After this, these remained Munsif Basti and Munsif Khalilabad in Basti Judgeship.

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